Free Week 09 (Day 1)

Well, last night was pretty alright, but there is a long week ahead.  With the addition of Mohawk and Club de Ville, there is a lot more walking involved in free week.  Before you see these photos, let me just start by warning you… there was a theme to last night… shitty photos… so that in mind, let’s get to what happened:

JC & Co.

I might actually have found a new band i can really get into.  JC & Company were fantastic.  Not only did i find their music surprisingly refreshing, my photos of these guys actually turned out good.  So, it looks like these guys were selling 45s… which is sooo cool, but i’m not sure whether or no they have an ep on something other than grooved plastic, but i’ll sure look for it when i’m not running around.  



The Calm Blue Sea

I got to listen to these guys’ album a while back.  It was really pretty good.  Live, though, the were very good.  I have to give it to them, they had the whole crowd paying attention.  If you haven’t heard of these guys, maybe now is the time to pay attention.  I’m not a huge instrumental guy, but their shows are worth making it out to.

Zlam Dunk?

I don’t know much about these guys, but apparently i am alone, because it was packed and effing nuts at their show.  I couldn’t really make a judgement call on their music at this point, cause i was too busy looking out for crowd surfers or trying to squeeze my way back to the bar.  The human traffic during their show alone was notable.   I will definitely check their webpage.

The Great Nostalgic

This is another band i hadn’t heard before, but also enjoyed.  They were the first to play on the main stage.  I will say the troupe were very fashionable.  I will look into them more.


I really enjoyed L.A.X. last year, and they were pretty good this year as well.  I have a couple of complaints unfortunately.  With all the technology in their sound, the fact that there is no auto-tuning on one half of the vocals is occasionally a bit unfortunate.  I don’t think it would hurt, and would definitely help if anyone was slightly off key.  You figure with the huge rack they have set up, they could prevent this.

Ringo Deathstarr

Ringo Deathstarr, with their awesome name, were alright.  This is, however, where my camera started being shitty.  It was really crowded at this point too.  People like free week… who knew?


The Lemurs sounded surprisingly more alt-rock and less electro than when i’ve seen them previously… which is very very sad.  I think they have a new album coming out or something, but their old ep is where it’s at.  Let’s hope these guys keep stepping it up.

The Boxing Lesson

The Boxing Lesson seem to have more fun than most of the other bands.  They have some good tracks too… 


Welp, more tonight…


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